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Unadoptable to anyone!!!!

In this Post I want to share with you a particularly touching experience: my visit to the Armata dei Randagi When I arrived at the refuge, I was greeted by an atmosphere full of emotion. The shelter hosts dogs who have experienced difficult histories, abandoned or mistreated, but here they find a second chance thanks to the love and care of Stefano, Valentina, Sara While walking I met dogs with a unique story. Some were shy and reserved, while others showed a surprising desire to interact despite their painful pasts. I had the opportunity to pet them, play with them and hear stories of their progress from volunteers. Each dog demonstrated incredible resilience, a desire for affection and a heartwarming resilience. The dedication and passion of the volunteers was equally impressive. They work tirelessly to rehabilitate these dogs and find them new families who can provide the love and security they deserve. This visit made a deep impression on me and reminded me of the importance of supporting such shelters. I invite you to consider adopting a dog from a shelter or contributing with donations or volunteering. Every small gesture can make a big difference in the lives of these extraordinary animals.

Da Cha' Salvatore

Unadoptable to anyone!!!!


02/06/2020 The Armata Dei Randagi was born with the idea of ​​creating the conditions for the adoption of those dogs who otherwise would have no chance. Refuge for semi-wild dogs, which have developed a more or less marked distrust towards humans. The underlying ideal is that, by giving the dog the opportunity to express his potential in an already structured pack, he can return to balance, and therefore find a stable adoption. Obviously most cases will be more or less complicated and will require adequate adoptions, for example only in the presence of other dogs and a garden!!! Personally I believe that it is a mistake to "humanize" animals, they have so much to teach us that it would be senseless to take away this possibility from them. In the shelter the dogs will have the opportunity to learn the social dynamics that this type of dog often lacks, a lack that creates many of the problems for which people turn to an educator. Dogs must be able to express themselves otherwise they will never emerge. In all packs there are roles, they allow the formation of character and the learning of the basic dynamics of the pack. (For example, as puppies they learn to measure their bite during play sessions) this is a bit of the cornerstone of the shelter: a possibility... If there is one thing I have learned through experience it is that dogs have a background that determines them. For example, all the dogs I found on the street tend to go for a walk, if the gate is open why wouldn't they go out? They may have lived on the streets for years and now, yes, they have a place to return to, but the need for freedom is always alive in them. Raggia on the other hand, after six years in the kennel, never lets me out of her sight. Every dog ​​makes different choices, depending on its personality and history. This is to underline the importance of change and the possibilities that it will bring for an animal which, after perhaps having spent years in a cage, will be able to touch the ground for the first time, will be able to dig a hole, smell the grass or even do a simple jump. ..


The dog's only fault was that of being domesticated by man between the Neolithic and Paleolithic periods, the oasis tries to remedy the damage caused by the capture of man, attempting to give a second chance to these animals, who do not they will lead exactly the life they were born for, but they will still be able to lead a dignified existence, inserted in a pack and alongside people who will never betray them again, who will show them that they can still trust man.

Every dog ​​has the right to express its own uniqueness as it possesses precise needs, past experiences, defined personalities and potential for choice, which unfortunately are sometimes destroyed due to human intervention (reckless captures, relay races wild seeds from the south torn from their lives destined to be locked up indefinitely in northern kennels because they are unadoptable). In the reality of the dog oasis, every dog ​​will have a second opportunity to live a dignified life consistent with its nature and in full freedom of self-expression.

Armata Dei Randagi Organizzazione no-profit

Best Street Photographer in Italy
Armata Dei Randagi

Armata Dei Randagi

Stefano Di Caprio

Valentina Biedi

Claudia Marini

Sara Errero

Federico Arizzi


Street Photographer in Italy
Photo Salvatore Da Cha'

Fango Story

He was Scacco, today he is Fango. Fango is a Sicilian street dog, a dog born and raised in freedom, proud, happy and with a pack. Removed from it in the hope of a better future, he instead began a long period of physical and mental imprisonment.

In May 2015, at around four or five months old, he entered the kennel. Having found an adopter, the first problems related to man and the lack of a pack began for him. He immediately approaches his peers and dodges man. In fact, after a short period he was taken back to the kennel due to "serious" management problems.. Fango doesn't trust the man, for him we are the ones who took him away from his family to put him in a cage, alone.. In short, he doesn't he let himself be approached, he was scared and if forced into contact he would turn around. So he went back to a kennel again. There he was considered unmanageable, to the point that the Genoa kennel was asked if they could keep him.

All this happened 4 years ago, and so in 2016 he arrived in Genoa, where luckily for him there are people who have never lost hope for him (Thank you Clara and thank you Valentina, truly fantastic!)

At this point the young Fango, about a year and a half old, no longer has any trust in men. He is an unapproachable, scared dog who only trusts his peers (and who can blame him?) Who by now has memorized only that he must distance himself from man... Despite the many efforts of the volunteers he has no longer managed to regain trust. In the 4 years that followed he was only able to hide, even from passing people looking for a dog. The few who asked about him, understanding (rightly so) that he was a complicated dog, always gave up. There was a shred of hope once, but it too was in vain.

Mud, like all dogs, has needs, he needs time, a pack and a lot of trust. Because yes, the relationship with dogs is always an exchange. And he will never be able to regain the trust that he lost, when he was a puppy, if we don't give it to him first.

At this point we arrive in January 2020. Shortly before I learned of something wonderful... It's called "RIOT DOG" The valley of rebel dogs. Together with it I met Francesca, the third fundamental person in this equation. Now if you have come this far I ask you for a moment of particular attention.. In January I contacted Francesca, because I wanted to get a dog from their shelter and we talked about the fantastic Tokyo.. As soon as I saw the photo I fell in love. Francesca, however, understood that, given the fact that I live in the mountains, perhaps I would have agreed to take Fango, and so I gave up on having the beautiful Tokio adopted and put me in contact with Clara and Valentina.

I don't know if everyone can understand the greatness of the gesture, but if any of you understand it and want to contact her to provide a permanent family in Tokyo she will have both my gratitude and that of Fango, eternally. Because I chose him anyway, and lives are not chosen..

Thus the army of strays was born. Thanks to people working together, and not a single savior. Without them none of this would have been possible.

My veterinarian joins the three of them... Stefano, you know well that if I hadn't met you, 10 years ago, I wouldn't even have been able to imagine helping dogs... there will be the moment of official thanks, but in the meantime I won't forget one of the dogs you helped me with..

So we arrive at May 22, 2020, after spending his life in a cage they had to capture him and put him to sleep so they could bring him to me.

Why, given the possibilities, choose to adopt a Mud? Because every small gesture of his to conquer the freedom and dignity that was taken away from him (taken away, not lost, there is a culprit) will be a lesson for you. Every centimeter of closeness gained, every slightest sign of recovery will be your personal achievement.. Because you would really be doing something that few want and can do.. Yet I guarantee you (Fango is not the first dog like this that I have had, in fact, the good Old Man was much worse) that no relationship with animals will ever be the same again.. You will learn how a dog communicates, how it perceives spaces and distances, what its fears are and how to slowly make inroads.. You will understand that we have to work on ourselves and not about them, we have so much to learn..

But now Fango begins his new life with me, and his new pack because, let's understand each other immediately, as soon as I can I will look for other Fangos to restore trust and dignity to and they will be up for adoption but not him... However there is always sweet Tokyo and everything his pack waiting for you


My Visual Reflection

Stray dogs represent a complex and often misunderstood reality in contemporary societies. These animals, without an owner and a stable shelter, live on the edges of cities and communities, surviving thanks to their resilience and adaptability. Their presence invites us to reflect on profound themes such as responsibility, compassion and coexistence between species.

Stray dogs embody a fascinating duality: on the one hand, they are symbols of freedom and independence, capable of living without constraints imposed by man; on the other, they represent vulnerability and injustice, often exposed to danger, mistreatment and lack of care. This dichotomy highlights our collective responsibility towards pets and, more generally, towards all living things.

Society's attitude towards stray dogs varies greatly from culture to culture. In some contexts, these animals are viewed with suspicion and hostility, perceived as a problem to be solved. In others, they are welcomed and cared for, becoming an integral part of community life. This disparity reflects the different conceptions of empathy and coexistence that characterize human societies.

The presence of stray dogs forces us to deal with ethical and ecological issues. How can we ensure the welfare of these animals without compromising public health? What measures can be taken to prevent abandonment and promote responsible adoption? These questions require solutions that combine short-term interventions, such as the creation of shelters, with long-term strategies that promote a culture of respect and care for animals.

Ultimately, stray dogs are a powerful reminder of our capacity for compassion and the need to build a more just and inclusive society for all living things. Their existence challenges us to look beyond our own immediate well-being and consider the well-being of others, reminding us that true civility is also measured by how we treat the most vulnerable among us.

Salvatore Da Cha' Urban Vision


Below are my shots




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