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About Salvatore Da Cha

Hi, I'm Salvatore, a passionate street photographer dedicated to capturing the beauty and essence of everyday life in urban environments. Based in Italy, I wander the streets with my camera always searching for those fleeting moments that tell compelling stories.

photographer venice
  • My trip
    My love for photography began [15 years ago] when I picked up my first camera. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a deep passion. I found myself drawn to the dynamic and unpredictable nature of the streets, where every corner hides a new story waiting to be told.
  • My approach
    Street photography, for me, is much more than simply taking photos. It's about connecting with the environment, observing the nuances of human interactions, and capturing the raw, unfiltered essence of city life. I strive to find beauty in the ordinary, showing the unique character of each scene through my lens.
  • My equipment
    I mainly shoot with the Fuji X-T3, a camera that suits my style perfectly. Its compact size, exceptional image quality and intuitive controls allow me to work quickly and discreetly, ensuring I don't miss crucial moments. I recently added these two cameras to my arsenal Pentax K-3 III monochrome and Ricoh Gr III
  • What you will find here
    On this website you will discover a collection of my works, including: • Photo Galleries : Curated collections of my best street photography.
  • Let's connect
    I believe photography is a powerful tool for telling stories and connecting with people. I invite you to explore my work and join me on this journey of discovering the world one frame at a time. Feel free to contact us for collaborations, questions or simply to share your love for street photography. You can contact me at [salvatoredacha@gmail.comi] or follow me on [Social Media Link]. urban_vision_68 • Instagram /Salvatore Da Cha Facebook YouTube channel @urbanvison Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the stories I have captured through my lens.
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