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The Art and Impact of Giacomo Brunelli in Contemporary Photography

Updated: Jun 10

Giacomo Brunelli is an Italian-English photographer known for his distinctive style and unique approach to street photography. Born in 1977, Brunelli developed a strong passion for photography from a young age, influenced by the works of great masters such as Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Frank

His work is distinguished by the skillful use of black and white, which gives his images a dramatic and timeless atmosphere. Brunelli is particularly renowned for his project "The Animals," a series of photographs in which he strikingly and intimately captures the lives of urban animals, often using unusual perspectives and close-up angles. Another notable project is "Eternal London," in which Brunelli explores the British capital through the lens of his lens, creating images that reveal the city's enigmatic and mysterious side. His photographs are characterized by a sense of immediacy and spontaneity, thanks to the use of an old manual reflex camera, which allows him to work instinctively and quickly. Giacomo Brunelli's work has been exhibited in numerous international galleries and has received recognition for his ability to transform everyday life into powerful and evocative visual art. His images, rich in contrast and tension, manage to tell complex and fascinating stories, making Brunelli a leading figure in the panorama of contemporary photography.


Brunelli is known for using a film reflex camera, which allows him to gain precise control over every aspect of the image. The choice to work in black and white adds an element of timelessness and intensity to his photographs. The strong contrast and film grain help create a sense of drama and mystery.

Giacomo Brunelli
Giacomo Brunelli


He won the Sony World Photography Award, the Grand Prix Lodz, Poland and the Foundation Magenta “Flash Forward 2009”. He has also appeared widely in the arts and photography press including BBC (UK), The Guardian (UK), The Telegraph (UK), Eyemazing (Netherlands), European Photography (Germany), B&W Magazine (USA), Creative Review (UK), Photo+Video (Russia). His work is in the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston (USA), The New Art Gallery Walsall, UK Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts (Japan) and Portland Art Museum (USA). “The Animals” (2008) and “Eternal London” (2014) were published by Dewi Lewis Publishing, “Self Portraits” (2017) and “Hamburg” (2021) by Editions Bessard and “New York” (2020) by Skinnerboox


The Animals Book Cover
The Animals Book Cover


The photographs of Giacomo Brunelli's "The Animals" series offer a profound reflection on the relationship between man and the animal world. Each shot in this collection seems to tell a unique story, in which animals are the enigmatic and silent protagonists of a daily drama that takes place in urban contexts. Brunelli, with his distinctive black and white style, manages to capture the wild yet vulnerable essence of animals, revealing an often overlooked dimension of city life. The choice of unusual and close-up perspectives, often from bottom to top, gives the shots a sense of immediacy and intensity. This technique not only humanizes the animals, but also invites the observer to see the world from their point of view. The grain and marked contrasts of Brunelli's images create a dreamlike, almost surreal atmosphere, which transcends simple photographic documentation to transform itself into a powerful visual narrative. Brunelli seems to suggest that urban animals are not just passive inhabitants of the city, but active actors with a presence and personality of their own. His photographs express a deep respect and curiosity for these beings, inviting viewers to reflect on the coexistence and interaction between species in shared environments. In an era in which urbanization tends to separate man from nature, Giacomo Brunelli's work reminds us of the beauty and complexity of the animal world, pushing us to reconsider our relationship with the other inhabitants of the planet. "The Animals" is not just a series of photographs, but an invitation to see and understand nature in a new way, through the eyes of those who share urban space with us.

Giacomo Brunelli continues to be an influential figure in contemporary photography, inspiring new photographers with his dedication to traditional technique and his unique artistic vision. His work invites us to see the world with new eyes, to find the beautiful and mysterious in everyday details and to reflect on the complexity of interactions between living beings.



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