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Gılcan Mete Delibay

born in 1968. My elder daughter Damla, who has the most beautiful photographs of my life, was born in 1994 and my younger daughter Zeynep was born in 2009. came. I have been with photography since 2012. I am a graduate of the Open Education Faculty, Department of Photography. I opened my first personal exhibition in 2012. In 2012, upon the request of my friends around me, I started giving them photography training. Later, I founded the first children's club in Turkey that shoots with a DSLR camera. I was among the founding members of Around the World in Two Days photography association, which was the first photography association in Çorlu. I participated in exhibitions in many organizations across the country and took part in many social projects. Since January 2013, I have provided photography training within the Gilcan Mete Dreams Workshop, which I founded. I currently continue my photography journey as an instructor within the 10Logos photography workshop group.


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