My name is Salvatore, born in Genoa (class 1968), which I am very close to.
Living in this beautiful city, where physical places confuse with invisible ones, and walk along the docks and the alleys, it inevitably leads you
Perceived smells and stupidges.
A quiet city, where the night disappears, mountains and even the sea; where that thin line of Light climbed in the dark remains...
It remains to retrace the road already confessed to the wonderful Faber stories; I started walking first with a Camera Nikon F5 and now Leica M6.

My photographic style is rather film - and - theatrical, I'm in continuous research of the life - long shot, and it s passing my way above all that it hides.
I had the fortune to expose to an exhibition, entitled "human capital!!

Good light to everyone

Salvatore Da Cha’

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 cell. 347/5716619